10 things successful people do daily.

When you hear names like Bill Gate ,Oraph Winfrey and Steve Jobs. What comes in your mind is success. But how did this successful figure manage to be successful in their life.

“Successful people do the same things but in a different way.” -unknown

10 things successful people do daily different from other people.

1.Wake up early with self motivated.

2.set daily detailed plans with goals that will keep you focused.

3.Learn everyday.

4.Visualize yourself as a successful person .(meditate)

5. Say no to unproductive activities.

6.Don’t multiple task .

Focus on few things that are most important

7.Do the hard thing first.

8.Avoid junk foods so that you’ll be healthy.


9.Avoid spending too much time in front of TV or social media.

10.Surrond yourself with the best.

There is a purpose in everything happeningđź•›

đź—ˇThere are times when God will not get you out of the fire furnace,but like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He will keep the fire from burning you. Daniel 3:16-27

đź—ˇThere are times when he will not keep you out of the lion’s den but like Daniel,He will shut the mouths of the lions for your sake. Daniel 6:16-23.

đź—ˇStill there are times when he will not keep you out of prison like Joseph,Instead he will shower you with immeasurable favour in the prison walls. Genesis 39:20-23.

đź—ˇAnd there are times when he will not take the cup away but like Jesus, He will give you the strength to drink from the cup.

But in all these situations, THERE IS A CALM ASSURANCE “I am with you always, even to the very end”. MATTHEW 28:20.

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